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General Terms & Conditions

This Online Service Agreement contains the terms and conditions that govern your use of Mytravease.com. By accessing and using the site, you confirm acceptance, understanding and agreement to these terms. Furthermore, Travease is a website that deals in travel and e-commerce. Due to the legal nature of the transaction, you warrant that you are of legal age in your territory to purchase from the site.

Customers must ensure that their purchases on the site are legal within their states and countries of residence. We cannot be held liable for customer usage of the site as it will be impossible for us to monitor each and every activity on the website due to the sheer volume of transactions.

As technology, our partners, and our customers’ habits change over time, these policies will change dynamically with them. We strongly encourage you to review these policies periodically and give us feedback to ensure they serve our mutual best interest.


All item descriptions on Mytravease.com are accurate to the best of our knowledge.  An item listing does not necessarily guarantee availability however, in the event that an item is unavailable, you will be notified promptly by a friendly e-mail or call.  We will then guide you through our selection to find the best alternative to your original purchase.  None of the entries on the website are meant to misinform or misrepresent in the event of inaccuracy. 

Please take the time to perform the due diligence in reviewing your order (tours, dates, quantity, etc.).  Changes to your order can still be made by contacting our customer support team by phone or e-mail for so long as your order is beyond 30 days from date of availment.


A purchase agreement exists between you and Travease once we accept your order by any of the means indicated above. Further confirmation will be provided via e-mail in the form of an order confirmation.  For the mutual security of the company and its legitimate customers, we reserve the right to refuse an order without giving a reason, or to attach extra conditions before accepting an order (for example: proof of identity) to minimize the risk of fraud.  This is for everyone’s mutual protection.

When you place your order, we assume that you have researched the laws in your territory and that your purchase does not violate any of these laws.



Visit us at www.Mytravease.com and register an e-mail address.  You will be able to shop in privacy and with confidence.

Phone:  63-2-779-0260/ 63-2-6515925
Our friendly support team will handle your order with complete confidentiality and the utmost discretion. 
All major credit cards accepted.

We accept PayPal payments.

Order fulfillment

We will keep you informed every step of the way!If, for any reason, an item is temporarily unavailable, we will hold your order until we have new availability and advise you. If, for any reason, a tour becomes permanently unavailable, we will notify you of this fact immediately and contact you for any alternative products you may have in mind.


All orders may be changed or cancelled Prior to availment. 

Cancellations are subject to the following charges based on the proximity of the date of cancellation to the tour date:

    a. Cancellations above 30 days from tour date - FREE

    b. Cancellations 11 to 30 days of tour date - 50% cancellation fee

    c. Cancellations 10 days or less from tour date - 100% cancellation fee


Your security and privacy are our highest priority.  We are committed to protecting the privacy of your identity and information.  Travease.com does not sell, share, trade, or rent out your information to outside parties.


The only time Travease will share information about its users will be when compelled to do so by law in the interest of due process.


When you place orders or access your account information, we offer the use of a secure server. The secure server software (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. Furthermore, all of the customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access.