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The Mekong Delta is quite an experience and one that is unique to Vietnam. Riding on a boat down the river may seem like an insignificant activity for some, but Mekong tours are different in the sense that going on one gives you an authentic and complete immersion into the rural life of Vietnam’s people. The notion that having been on one Mekong tour is enough of an experience is something you might want to reconsider after learning about the different possibilities.

Unique Cruises

Some people are under the mistaken impression that cruising down a murky river is all there is to a Mekong tour, but this cannot be any further from the truth. Each portion of the river is home to a unique adventure and some of the best-kept secrets in all of Vietnam. The journey down may take longer, but it is an experience you are unlikely to ever forget. Don’t think that the waterways are all you will see on Mekong tours—there is lots of ground to cover, too.

My Tho

Just two hours away from Ho Chi Minh by bus, My Tho is the closest town along the Mekong and is where you will find lots of tourists participating in a traditional Mekong tour. Although normally packed with guests, visits to the local candy factories and stores are an authentic experience you cannot miss. Stick around later into the afternoon after most of the tourists have gone and capture beautiful photos along the river during the golden hour.

Also in My Tho is the Vinh Trang Temple, a beautiful Buddhist temple easily overlooked because of its distance from the city. It is not one to miss, though, because the temple features intricate details and some of the most beautiful sculptures outside of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Vinh Long

Travel further down south for a more captivating and enriching Mekong tour. Vinh Long is where you can truly immerse yourself in local life with an overnight stay. It is also here where you will find the Cai Be Floating Market; early morning trips are the best way to get your breakfast of fresh fruits at the lowest prices possible. Enjoy breakfast by the riverside as locals haggle and make bargains for the day’s best catch and produce.

Can Tho

The ultimate Mekong tour involves more than just a cruise down frequently navigated parts of the river. Can Tho is the chief economic and transportation hub of the Mekong and is where you can find the Cai Rang and Phong Dien, the two biggest floating markets in all of the Mekong Delta. One of the best things about Can Tho is its location towards the end of the Mekong Delta, allowing for tours of back canals. The city also serves as a gateway to the coastal areas and islands to cap off your tour of the Mekong.

There is so much more to the Mekong Delta than most people think. Plan your Mekong tour with Travease to see the very best sights and sounds of this unique destination.


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