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Regarded as the cradle of cultures that connect East and West, Turkey is an exciting destination that will leave you breathless in many different ways. All it takes is one trip to the cultural capital of Istanbul, and you will find yourself spellbound by the sights, sounds, and flavors found only on Turkey tours.

A Country that Doubles as an Open Air Museum

The Turkish lands are where the Asian, European, and African continents converge, so trust that there will be lots of things to do in Turkey, starting with the open air museum that is Istanbul.

Istanbul is where Asia and Europe meet, making it a destination like no other. Everywhere you look, you are sure to find something of interest, whether it is an iconic architectural wonder or a park or whatever else—Turkey tours are never dull and always captivating.

Start your tour of this great nation with a visit to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Known also as the Blue Mosque, this massive structure is active and where thousands of followers of the Muslim faith gather. Make sure to dress modestly and behave appropriately to avoid offending religious feelings of those who come to worship.

After taking in the wonders of the Blue Mosque, make sure to take a deep breath before making your way across the park to get to the Hagia Sophia. If you only have time for one of the many things to do in Turkey (which is never recommended), make sure this is it. The Hagia Sophia is every inch a work of art, and you would be remiss not to see it in person. The details on every surface, inside and out, are astounding and will leave you breathless for sure.

Flavors of the World

Turkey tours are never complete without sampling some of the best food on this side of the Mediterranean. Köftelahmacun, and pide—these are just some of the dishes you cannot go without trying at least once. Binge on some of the best Turkish dishes at Hocapasa Street or go on a guided food tour. Whichever gastronomic route you choose to take, chances are you will find yourself asking for more each time.

Complete your tour with a trip to the famed Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. As one of the oldest markets in the world, the bazaar is where you will discover the very essence of Turkey. Spices, trinkets, tea, souvenirs—these are just some of the many things you will find.

There are so many things to do in Turkey; make the most of your stay by planning a packed itinerary with help from Travease.


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