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Those looking for a little sun and sand after seeing all the best of Bangkok need not travel very far. Located just a little over an hour away, Pattaya is the second most visited city in Thailand and is where you will find a host of things to do. The activities in Pattaya range from sightseeing trips and fun on the beach during the day to crazy fun street parties and cultural shows at night.

Basking Under the Warm Thai Sun

Get the day started at Wat Phra Kao Yai, or Big Buddha Hill. At 18 meters tall, this Big Buddha is the largest in the region. Expect to see more than just tourists milling around, as the site is home to an active temple. The smell of incense drifts through the air and will surely put you in a reflective mood. This calm state of mind is perfect to appreciate the intricacy in the details found in all statues atop the hill.

Take your spiritual journey to another level by making your way to Khao Chi Chan or Buddha Mountain, where you will find the world’s largest stone engraving of Buddha. This 109-meter tall image is engraved on a limestone cliff and is one of the top attractions Pattaya has to offer.

The best Pattaya tours will undoubtedly take you through a whirlwind of temples and will certainly get you hungry. Once the hunger overtakes the introspective mood after paying homage to Buddha, head on down to the Pattaya Floating Market. Here you will find well over a hundred stalls and stores representing all the major parts of Thailand. It is the perfect place to replenish yourself after an action-packed morning. Complete the experience of living along the riverside by hiring a motorboat for access to the boats selling fresh fruits and souvenirs.

Next on your list of activities in Pattaya after getting refueled should be a visit to the Sanctuary of Truth. Despite its looking like it, this architectural gem by the bay is neither palace nor temple. With intricate details and complex designs, this beautiful structure pays homage to the modern Thai artist’s excellent craftsmanship. Official brochures say the monument has yet to see completion despite the form it is already in today.

A City that Comes Alive at Night

Like most other destinations across Thailand, some of the best attractions in Pattaya are those that come alive only in the evenings. Case in point: Walking Street.

This stretch, found at the end of the famed Pattaya Beach Road, may look abandoned with all the shutters rolled down during the day, but a visit at night reveals an almost completely different world. With all kinds of music blaring out of speakers in front of each establishment, and neon lights in all directions, it’s no wonder this 500-meter stretch is party central for locals and guests.

Of all the activities in Pattaya, a night at either the Alcazar Cabaret or the Tiffany Cabaret is something you need to do—if only just for the experience. All shows feature a dazzling cultural display and the roster of talents comprises mostly of Thailand’s famed ‘ladyboys’. The cabaret shows in Pattaya are a unique treat you have to see to believe.

Pattaya is a destination with so much to offer. Discover all the fun and adventure there is to be had by planning your Pattaya tour today. 


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