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Qatar is one of those places people easily overlook as just another oil-rich desert country. What many don’t realize, though, is that the attractions in Qatar are easily some of the most interesting in all of the Arabian Peninsula. The sights and sounds may not be as glitzy, but they are worth seeing just the same.

Here’s a guide on what to do in Qatar to make the most of your visit:

Subtle Display of Arts, Religion and Culture

The displays may be subtle, but Qatar attractions like the Museum of Islamic Arts and Islamic Culture Center of Doha showcase the country’s deep religious heritage. The former is home to the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. Here, you will find artefacts like rugs from across Persia and mosaics from Turkey, as well as a range of manuscripts considered sacred in Islam. Also worth noting is the museum’s architecture. It may seem dull in the daytime, but visit at night when it is lit up and rediscover its hidden beauty.

Culture is also alive and well in Souq Waqif, a traditional marketplace where you will find all sorts of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. This is the place to go whether you are looking for authentic souvenirs like spices and perfumes or simply want to take in Qatari culture in the most relaxed way possible. Souq Waqif is but one of the attractions in Qatar that promise a good time regardless of what you choose to do.

The Rise of a Promising Future

Most Qatar attractions give you a glimpse into its past, but that doesn’t mean the country isn’t without modern wonders. Doha is gearing up to host the 2022 World Cup, and developments are going up all over the city because of it.

One of the latest landmark projects is The Pearl-Qatar, a mixed-use development where you will find world-class dining and shopping. Local, regional, and international concepts come together at The Pearl Qatar, giving Qataris and visitors a range of options. Shopping is optional here, though—it’s the spectacular views of artificial island and the architecture found on them that you should come for.

Qatar’s attractions may not be the most famous in the world, but they show a lot of promise and make the trip worth it. Discover all the best of the country with Travease.


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