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With its expansive rice fields and a coastline dotted by fishing communities, Bohol is the very epitome of a Philippine province. Many might think of it as backwards in some ways, but the island has a distinct allure that is impossible to ignore. Charming and fun, and laidback but exciting—the variety of activities in Bohol will surprise you and have you falling in love at first sight.

Magic Starts at the Hills

Bohol is a destination renowned for its many natural wonders, but nothing compares to the exceptional beauty of the Chocolate Hills; tours in Bohol are never complete without them. You might not believe it upon first sight, but these gigantic dome-shaped mounds of limestone are not manmade. The hills are a naturally occurring geographical wonder and stretch as far as the eye can see when viewed from the Carmen Observation Deck. Come during the hot Philippine summer when the grass covering the hills are dry to get the full Chocolate Hills experience. 

More than just the hills, Bohol is also known the world over for its iconic mascot—the tarsier. These little giants are no bigger in size than a child’s fists and are the smallest primates in the world. Tarsiers call the island home, and there are many ways to see them, but be careful not to support unethical enclosures. Visit the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella town to meet tarsiers face to face; it is one of the many unique activities in Bohol you cannot afford to miss.

Cruising the Open Waters

One of the best things about Bohol is that not all activities are confined to what can be done on land. Case in point: the famous Loboc River Cruise. Picture this: tranquil waters, lush forests, a floating restaurant, and entertainment from top caliber local artists. These are all the elements that make cruises down the Loboc River one of the top things to do in Bohol. It is a great way to relax and take in the natural beauty Bohol has to offer. Moreover, it is also the perfect opportunity to kick off your shoes and maybe learn how to do the tinikling and other local dances.

The famous Loboc River is quite a remarkable sight, but wait until you see Bohol’s beaches and the tranquil waters between its islands. Pungud and Balicasag Islands are just two of the many islands you will likely set foot on, and each promises an experience like no other. Make sure to have your camera ready for the occasional dolphin or sea turtle that may make an appearance in the waters surrounding our boat as you make your way from one island to another. A tour of Bohol’s most beautiful island will leave you breathless and never wanting to leave.

Bohol is an exciting destination promising unique adventures through and through. Discover the very best of it with Travease.


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