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It may be one of the more popular destinations in the world, but there is something so mysteriously magical about India that keeps visitors coming back for more. From Calcutta to Mumbai, and Delhi to Bangalore, India tours promise something new each and every time.

With more than 5,000 years of history and rapid growth in its future, tours in India will take you through the most majestic historical sites and marvelous modern attractions.

Architectural Wonders Beyond Compare
India is known the world over for it grand structures consisting of temples, monuments, shrines, and other architecture. The most famous—and understandably the highlight of most India tours—is the beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra. Commonly mistaken for a temple, this incredible structure is actually a mausoleum and has been up since the 1600s. The Taj Mahal is a unique landmark you cannot afford to miss when touring through India.

Another architectural gem in the nearby city of Delhi is the New Delhi Baha’i House of Worship, known to most as the Lotus Temple. The unique architecture of this gem makes it an essential stop, along with its Hindi counterpart, the staggeringly huge Swaminarayan Akshardam. While the Taj Mahal is a perfect example of old-world architecture, the Lotus Temple and Swaminarayan Akshardam are modern wonders set to last through the years just as well.

Flavors of India
India tours are never complete without getting a taste of the flavors that make Indian cuisine among the most celebrated in the world. Known as the city of a million hawkers, there is no better place to gorge on the sumptuous flavors of India than in Mumbai. From kebabs to patties to lassis, the foodie in you is bound to come out when in India. Chowpatty Beach is the place to go for an authentic experience of grabbing some food to go and eating it while strolling by the beach or via a picnic on the sand.

Whether you set off to see the beautiful sights found in Agra and Delhi or want to take in the sounds and other activities found in Mumbai, you are bound to come across something magical when on a tour in India.


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