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Widely regarded as the Las Vegas of the Far East, Macau is an exhilaratingly beautiful modern city with so much to offer. From casinos to shopping, and dining to sightseeing, tours in Macau will surely amaze even the most travelled jetsetters. Whether on a quick weekend getaway or holidaying for a few days, Macau will never cease to surprise.

A Date with Lady Luck
With a revenue stream that makes Las Vegas’ income look like chump change, stepping onto the casino floor is something you will likely find yourself doing over the course of your visit.

The Venetian, MGM, City of Dreams, Casino Lisboa—not all visitors come to the city to gamble, but the lure of the neon lights can sometimes be hard to resist. Whether or not you choose to wager a few bucks, Macau tours are incomplete without a visit to such establishments simply because they really are sights to see.

The Cotai Strip is Macau’s answer to the famed Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. Bright lights and fountains and entertainment options like no other make this district an important stop for all tours in Macau. Other than gambling, these integrated resort-hotels also feature some of the best shopping in the city.

Immersion in a Fusion of Cultures
Away from the neon lights and high rollers is a city that gives a different meaning to East meets West. Macau was once a colony of Portugal and remained such until its turnover to China in 1999. This fusion of two starkly different cultures is evident in the many sights to see around the city.

Start the cultural immersion with a visit to Kun Iam temple. A visit to this secluded religious monument allows for an opportunity to reflect and look back at the city’s history. Burn some incense and offer a prayer to the Goddess of Mercy before strolling around and taking in a gorgeous view of the city.

Speaking of prayers, your Macau tour should also include a visit to the Ruins of the Church of Saint Paul. One of Macau’s most recognizable landmarks, the church used to be the largest on the Asian continent until a fire destroyed it in 1835. All that remains today is a five-tier granite façade with intricate carvings revealing the grand fusion of east in the form of the Oriental, and west in the European Renaissance artistic styles.

The Ruins of the Church of Saint Paul is found in the Historic Centre, which is where you will find other cultural gems essential to all tours in Macau. Some of the must-visit sites here include the A-Ma Temple and Senado Square. A stroll around the area will also lead you through buildings with distinctly Portuguese facades.

Flavors and Finds Unique to Macau
Almond cookies, sweet pork jelly, Portuguese egg tarts and egg rolls—these are just some of the food staples commonly associated with Taiwan. Lord Stowe’s in Coloane Downtown and the Old Town and Tai Lei Lok Kei in Taipa are two musts on your culinary itinerary.

It may be one of the smaller destinations, but tours in Macau will never leave you wanting. Get your itinerary together and experience Macau!


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