Being humans we tend to be naturally obsessed with voyage. Voyaging with the hopes of unearthing hidden treasures in a posh shopping district. Voyaging with prayer to the skies in hopes of finding the Promised Land in a tropical paradise. As the purposes of travel may have changed over the centuries one thing remains the same, we travel with our tribe.


Growing up, my family always tried to make it a point to travel or experience something new together. This was always something I would look forward to, the jokes, what to eat, moving as a unit and most of all sharing the experience together. While these moments are truly price-less, as I got older during these family trips I couldn’t help but start to imagine sharing these experiences with the close friends I had developed over the years.


We all have different types of friends in our lives. We have the ones that we grew up with since before we started hitting puberty. There are the ones that we meet through passion, hobbies, common industries and other avenues that stimulate creative and mental friendships. Or may it be for more fun and games, let’s not forget the ones that partied with you so hard that you wanted to give up life the next day. No matter what the cause, to go somewhere with people you have profound relationships with always gives you a chance to live a little!


As friends there are always good reasons to travel! You may be a group of friends looking for a vibrant city like Bangkok to give your buddy a crazy time before he ties the knot. May it be you’re a group of girlfriends out to do some retail therapy in Hong Kong and get away from the local drama or what about creating an itinerary in India with a group of friends that share a passion for food and photography? At this day and age travel has become so convenient and affordable that it has become sort of a pastime, a way to unplug from your all day everyday routine and just live on instinct and human judgment for a period of time.


Getting out of sticky situations, like getting lost in the gridlocked roads of Manila trying to learn the local commute or struggling to fight through a language barrier in China, this will surely force the group to connect. At the end of it all when you are traveling in an unfamiliar place as a group you are forced to work together as a team. People’s interests must be considered. Comfort zones will be over stepped. Communication will be key and your gut feel will be your secret weapon. Once that much-awaited adventure starts to come to an end, each one of you will notice that you all probably got to know and see each other in a different light and will probably want to start planning your next trip.


Planning a trip takes time and patience. This is why convenience is probably what you will be looking for when visiting a travel websites. So why look anywhere else when on you can plan your trip in just 4 easy clicks! So change the way you plan your travels, it’s time to travel with ease.

*All photos courtesy of John Spakowski