So you booked your flight at that travel fair six months ago and now you’ve got a sweet deal on that chic little cabin on Airbnb. Think you’re all set then? Think again.

Smart travelers know when and where to get the best deals on air fare and lodging but smarter travelers know that booking tours and activities ahead is just as crucial to saving time and money on your trip and keeping it hassle-free. I like to YOLO it up as much as the next person but when you’ve found yourself unable to leave a sketchy bar on the wrong side of Bangkok, you kind of learn to plan your trips a little smarter next time.

You know that one friend in the group who ends up planning the whole thing? Yeah, that’s not me. I’m the friend that that friend calls with a “Thailand on the weekend of the 28th, yes or no?” I could never find the patience time to waste my life away on too many emails and phone calls with different tour operators or too many websites with crazy good rates that expire TODAY. That’s why I thank my lucky stars for the beautiful minds over at

Travease gives us the best of both worlds by providing the convenience of finding the best tours and activities in and around Asia and the freedom of booking what we want when we want it. No stress. No mess. And they’ve thought of E-VE-RY-THING.




Don’t know exactly what you want to do yet? No problem. Whether you’re after a relaxing retreat, amazing sights, or thrilling rides, Travease has got you covered. Why have all those tabs and bookmarks that just can’t satisfy your needs when you can stick to one site that’s jam-packed with all the juicy details. Each of their tour pages has the available tour dates, cheapest rates, reviews, and so much more! With hundreds of adventures to choose from, you’ll be filling up your bucketlist in no time.


Which brings me to…



And, YES, they do have a bucketlist feature thankyouverymuch. See something you like but not ready to commit just yet? Just click the ADD TO MY BUCKETLIST button and save it for later while you keep browsing through. Gotta catch ‘em all, amarite?

When you are good and ready, head on over to your very own personalized bucketlist page to see all your favorite tours and even, among other links, your itinerary! Trust me, that page will come in handy later on. Now, I know you’re itching to try it yourself but stay with me for this last bit because I’ve saved the best for last.


The best part? This one-stop shop lets you book your Asian adventures in just. 4. clicks. Be on the lookout for this bad baby right here:



Travease is currently available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, with a companion app soon to follow.