This love month I suggest doing something new and exciting! Something away from the overdone hotel dinners, something that will make you bond and learn about each other as a couple, so charge up your cameras and grab your helmets because were going to go cruising Phuket!



To many, Phuket can be overrated loud and uncomfortable. This is mainly because they may be referring to the commercially popular Patong beach. Patong beach is basically where the main scene is at, where party people come from all over the world to let loose and party mindlessly into the wee hours of the morning. Now if this is not your choice of scene I would suggest finding a place in Karon.


Karon just south of Patong is a wide sandy beach located on the west coast of Phuket. Parallel to the beach is a whole strip of resorts ranging from a decent 3 star hotel to The Movenpick Resort & Spa giving options for every couple. Here you will still have a variety of restaurants and bars but on a smaller scale. This will give you just the right amount of peace but still with easy access to some dinning options for that special dinner. One last place I would suggest to stay in for the people who enjoy the more laidback type of vibration is the Kata area. Kata has two beaches, Kata Yai and Kata Noi and also a selection of resorts to stay in.



If you have some experience driving a scooter or motorbike and have a license from your country of origin that permits you to operate one, then I would suggest you go rent a scooter soon as you are done checking in. Rental costs about 200 baht per day exclusive of gas. Now just like in any other tourist destination, scams are a reality so choose where you get your scooter and do not give out any information about your stay. I may also add that most rental places will ask for a passport as a security deposit assuring them you will return the bike. This is very normal but I suggest giving a Xerox copy.

Scooter Adventure

Before anything I would recommend finding a map of Phuket and try to map out your route for the day. Decide on things to do or sights to see with each one giving suggestions this making the trip interesting for both involved. Find your end point and plan things along the way and lastly, start your day early. As a couple, pack a little bag with all your basic beach essentials like shades, sunblock, portable music provisions and ofcourse cash. Please do not forget both your helmets and your map! Above all else, hop on that scooter and be ready for an adventure!


In general Phuket is easy to get around so just follow signs and refer to your map. If you are leaving from Karon, head towards Rawai as I will explain later on why. Cruising around Phuket in a scooter gives you a whole new view of the island. As a couple, you will be exposing yourselves to doing a whole new experience together. Along the way to Rawai you will discover new paths, come across some scenic points, enjoy some nice winding roads up and down hills with lush greenery all over. Get curious, make stops if some things catch your eye, take photos, interact with locals and explore together. Quaint coffee shops and little shacks on the beach serving pad thai and satay are some of the little things you will find best enjoyed when shared. If you manage to make it to Rawai, which I suggest you should. Find a shaded area, park your scooter and don’t forget to lock it.



As you head towards the beach look for the local long-tail boats and not the ferries. Here you can hire a private snorkeling and beach tour to the surrounding islands just off of Rawai beach. Tours can take as long as a day to as little as 4 hours all depending on how many islands you would like to visit. Prices can range from 1500 – 3000 baht so come prepared. Across the road from the beach is a little convenience store where you can buy some refreshments for the boat ride although some of the islands have little shacks and simple restaurants serving food and drinks so just ask your boatman. This experience is something you will not forget. As soon as you get on the boat and that Thai sun hugs your face you will think of nothing else but that moment you’re in. The backdrop of limestone rocks, clear water and perfect skies create the perfect setting for that different type of Valentine’s. Once your boatman stops at your first snorkeling spot you will realize how quiet Phuket actually is. Take that first jump in the turquoise water together, put on your snorkel gear and enjoy the view from below.




Once you are back at Rawai, your cheeks sun-kissed and rosy, it should now be the perfect time of day as the sun goes down and what better way to end this adventure than with a cool, romantic sunset ride back to your resort.

On the way in I would also suggest one last thing if the time is right and your energy levels are still good. Head over to the appropriately named “After Beach Bar” in the Kata area, it is situated up on a high vantage point and has a great view of the water. Here you can wind down after a long fulfilling day in the sun with a cold beer and enjoy the view as the sun slowly fades. This I would say is another great alternate ending to your intimate, Phuket adventure.