Connect 300

Because Eat Pray Love is so 2010 and some trips are just meant to be shared, I’m sharing some of my top bucket list adventures and who I’m taking with me.


Discover Bali by bike, elephant, and raft with friends

If your friends are anything like mine, you know how difficult it is to get everyone’s schedules to sync. But every so often the stars do align and, when they do, you’ve got to make the most of it.

The goal: create enough memories in a day to last a lifetime in an epic adventure across Bali.

The plan: ditch the typical bus tour and opt for more…unusual modes of transportation.

The hack: I discovered the perfect tour just a click away from here.

I can already feel my lungs burning just thinking about it BUT I know it will be worth it for a chance to really see, feel, and practically breathe Bali. Besides, who better than my best mates to distract me from all the calories I’m burning. My lazy butt will thank me later.

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Raid the Angkor ruins with my sister from another mister

My best girl and I have always had what we like to call a long-distance best-friendship kept alive mostly through landlines (ask your mother), social media, and the occasional sleepovers. Out-of-town trips are our favorite way to make up for lost time and the Banteay Srei Angkor Complex is next on our list of must-see-togethers.

Of course, a picturesque escape to exotic Cambodia would not be done justice without a few Top Model-worthy snaps to take home. And you ladies know your best girl’s got to have your back when it comes to knowing your angles and helping you find your light. All for the low low price of her own set of shots by you. 

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Witness the magical Pingxi sky lantern festival with my love

No girl who’s seen Disney’s Tangled hasn’t wished for her own Rapunzel + Flynn Rider moment under a night sky full of floating lanterns. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, what are you doing with your life? I mean click here, sweetheart.

The good news is, we need not have our very own kingdom pining for our return to witness such a spectacular sight. A little town in Taiwan holds several of these events every February. Can I hear a “BOOK NOW”?

Connect 300

I truly believe that travel experiences are richest when used to connect with long lost friends and longtime lovers. Can’t wait to cross these babies off my bucket list.

What’s on yours?