Remember that one time when you had to run up the steps of the temple to make it to the top by sunset? Or when you left your jacket on the bus and the group had to huddle around you when it got too cold? Or how about that time on the boat when you’d been admiring the tall rocky cliffs thinking “That’s nice.” but then you make a turn and the world goes quiet as the most beautiful cove you’ve seen a hundred times in pictures and postcards outshines itself a thousand times before your very eyes?

No? That’s funny. Maybe you weren’t there. Maybe you’ve been itching to book that trip but just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe you’ve been so busy with life that you’ve forgotten how to live it.

Whether you’re going on a daytrip to the beach or a weeklong adventure in a different country, there’s always something to be gained in traveling that burying your butt in your couch or office chair just can’t give you. Here are just a few reasons that should validate your FOMO and remind you why you need to finally click that BOOK NOW button you’ve been coming back to everyday for the past two weeks.

You appreciate the little things a little more.

Sure you can look forward to the mid-afternoon ice cream break with your work buddy but do you still notice how every doorman along the way greets you “Good afternoon.” or how the sun shining on that wall of glass makes for a perfect photo-op? Traveling to new destinations, experiencing new cultures, trying new food, and meeting new people is good practice for being extra attentive and appreciative of everything in your little corner of the world at any given moment.


You make more connections.

Not only can you make new friends while you’re away but traveling also helps you add to your story bank for casual conversations when you get back. It provides an instant bond with people who’ve been where you’ve been and a goldmine of anecdotes even for those who haven’t. There’s just something about traveling that tugs at that inner child in each of us and demands a connection with others. Plus, you can learn more about other people from their travel stories than from talking about work or TV shows.


You live inspired.

There’s nothing like a countdown to a trip to keep the sparkle in your eyes through your daily routines. Similarly, there’s nothing like coming home from a great trip that can make you feel new, full, and alive. When you travel, you rekindle your passion for and with life before, during, and even after your journey. And, really, isn’t that something we all want?


“Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

You deserve to see the best of the world. And the world deserves to see the best of you. Go ahead. Live.