Unlike most of it contemporaries in Southeast Asia, the Philippine capital does not boast of grand temples or majestic palaces; nor does the city stand out for its cutting-edge architecture. Instead, the city possesses a personality all its own—cosmopolitan but relaxed; Asian, but with a Spanish flair. Many may still regard it as a destination less travelled, but tours in Manila are experiencing quite a surge in popularity. More people want to travel Manila, and with a promise of it being more fun in the Philippines, it’s not hard to see why.

Uniquely Manila

Conquered by the Spanish early in its history, Manila has a distinctly Latin vibe that is evident in its fiesta culture. Discover remnants of this rich history by starting your tour in the famous walled city of Intramuros. Here, the cobblestone streets and occasional horse-drawn carriages will take you back in time. Fort Santiago serves as the gateway into the walled city, and is historically significant because imprisoned within its walls over a hundred years ago was Filipino national hero Jose Rizal.

Located just a short walk away from Fort Santiago are two major churches proving that some of the top activities in Manila are found within the walls of Intramuros. The Manila Cathedral is the de facto seat of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines and a showcase of Filipino ingenuity. Although the current structure is the nth iteration—because of an earthquake and the Second World War—it is undoubtedly a landmark worth the visit.

Located a few steps behind the cathedral is the San Agustin Church, another of the four churches in Manila designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What makes this church so unique is its architectural style, which is reminiscent of the churches found across Mexico. Built by the Augustinians, the church is a symbol of the shared heritage of the two countries.

The Beauty of Manila Bay

A major component of the famed bay where you will find some of the best activities in Manila is an offshore island called Corregidor. This small island played an important role during the time of the Spanish up until World War II and continues to do the same today. It is a major tourist attraction that tells the story of how much the Philippine capital went through during the war. Here, you will find relics like cannons and bunkers, and can even retrace the steps of the soldiers who once occupied the islands.

Tours in Manila are never complete without taking in the sights from the historic Manila Bay. The promenade along Roxas Boulevard faces the west, and many say it is the site of the best sunsets anywhere in the world. End the day with a cool drink in hand as you take in the sight of the glorious sunset and prepare for your adventure the next morning or as you say goodbye the beautiful capital city of the Philippines.

Manila has so much to offer and is ready to show the world that it truly is more fun in the Philippines. Discover all the best sights, sounds, and activities in Manila by planning your tour with Travease.